UPVC Fixed Windows


  • Provides a clear view of outside
  • Allows maximum sunlight
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Provides superior soundproof effect
  • Keeps out noise, dust, heat and pollution with its air-tight seals
  • Protects against worst climatic conditions like rain water and storm
  • Available in variety of designs, colors and materials
  • Designed and sized as per customer requirement


  • Any type of room or architectural style – classic to contemporary


The high energy efficient windows

Eureka UPVC Fixed Windows are non-opening windows which are specially manufactured to allow sunlight completely inside the room without any disturbances.Fixed Windows comes with uncounted benefits and are available in variety of designs that are  suitable for any building infrastructure.

UPVC Fixed Window is used all over for residential as well as commercial purposes,and Eureka with dedicated team has succeeded in attaining the trust of its customers by giving them quality products which can be trusted with maximum satisfaction in all the aspects.

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