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UPVC Combination Windows


  • Allows light and air with proper ventilation
  • Can be with any shape, style or size
  • Designed mainly for more natural lighting and energy efficiency
  • Steel reinforced frames make the windows strong
  • Provides Protection against insects
  • Hurricane bar to withstand high speed winds
  • Rain track and sill arrangement to insulate against rains
  • Excellent look and long last durability
  • Air-tight seals to keep out noise, dust, heat and pollution


  • Apartments
  • Wide openings
  • Bathrooms


Windows with an excellent look and more ventilation

A UPVC Combination Windows equipped with removable or interchangeable screen and glass sections that make it suitable for either summer or winter use.

UPVC Combination Windows is a combination of casement, sliding, and fixed window or two windows of same or different types. These can be made available in a variety of sizes and designs as per your need. A wide variety of design and combination possibilities for your every specific need are available with our expert guidance. Eureka UPVC Combination windows give your home a complete transformation in looks and in style. Combination windows are steel reinforced for added strength. Combination windows allow light and fresh air along with proper ventilation.

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