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Being a novice, customer may not be aware of many possibilities of window and door solution, Eureka as an expert, guides and educates them to choose the product of suitable quality with varied options that suits customer requirement.

Over a decade of service in the industry, we have come across diverse customer requirements that have been met suitably has actually expanded our horizon in terms of technical and product capabilities.

All our clients are happy and staying with us for the last 10 years with no complaints.



"Creating experience of excellence"

Consumer preferences

Polyvinyl chloride has evolved to become the most widely used, appreciated, adaptable and cost effective material.

Eureka is well recognized among UPVC Windows and Doors dealers in India. UPVC is most commonly used framing material, because it offers good thermal performance and requires little maintenance. It can be used to produced very cost-effective products, but vinyl windows can also be provided in a choice of interior finishes, including wood-grains and colors. Most vinyl products incorporate rigid vinyl with multi-chamber profiles for strength and insulation.

Frame and sash corners in these vinyl windows are generally welded, creating a joint that is generally more resistant to air and water infiltration than corners that are mechanically fastened with screws. It is one of the oldest of all the polymers, which has been put to use since last 80 years or so. UPVC material is used for residential use because of factors like noise resistance, has long life when compared to wooden doors and windows.These high quality UPVC products made us to be recognized as best UPVC Windows and Doors dealers in India.

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