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Prevents Dust Buildup

Accumulation of dust in the doors and windows is a big problem in India. UPVC being a dust repellent and maintenance-free product helps in preventing the dust accumulation in between the windows. To keep the doors and windows in its finest condition, they just need to be wiped easily with a clean damp cloth to remove any dirt accumulated over the window. Also being an anticorrosive and dust repellent material you will not experience any kind of fading, rotting or rusting of the UPVC profile even after many years.

Eureka Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the most efficient and recognized UPVC windows manufacturers, which claims to prevent about 99% dust from entering inside, the smooth surfaces provide help in its easy maintenance. Therefore we would recommend you to install our UPVC product to have a comfortable, dust-free and healthy environment at home.

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