Improves Home Security | UPVC Windows | UPVC Doors

Improves Home Security

Our windows come with a high-security multi-point locking system which ensures your home to be safe and protected all the time.

Our secure windows come with internally double glazed glass which cannot be removed from the outside, thereby securing your windows from theft or breakage and increasing the security.

UPVC has a high capacity of electrical insulation which exceeds almost 1015 ohms-cm, which makes it absolutely safe from electrical conductivity.

The water absorption capacity of UPVC is less than 0.1% due to which damage by water absorption does not take place even after many years. Moreover, our doors and windows are uniquely designed with a weep hole and a weatherstrip in the making rail. It prevents water from entering inside or getting accumulated in the window.

Fire Retardant:

Multiple tests have shown that UPVC as a material is a flame retardant product and in any instance will not cause, support or enhance the natural development of fire. Unlike other products like timber in wooden windows, the UPVC sections do not support combustion and are in fact self-extinguishing in nature. This quality of the UPVC doors and windows systems prevents the promotion of fire and provides considerable protection from fire.

Corrosion Resistance:

UPVC Doors and Windows are highly resistive to the attacks of acids, alkalis, waste gases and salts which contributes to the strength and security of the windows.

Air Infiltration:

UPVC provides complete protection from the infiltration of air when closed by providing weatherstripping in the windows at the meeting rails to seal the complete structure.

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