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Complete Design Freedom

We at Eureka Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd provide complete flexibility and freedom in the design, shape and style of windows. The company provides various custom windows and doors manufacturing options where in the products are manufactured as per the customers’ requirements. We can provide the customers with over 700 different types of doors and windows consisting of different types of profiles, colours, styles and sizes.

To understand these better all the different customizable options are stated below. Customers can choose from these different options and combine them to get their desired product.


We at Eureka provide our customers with different coloured options of profiles to choose apart from the classic plain white profile. Also, the quality of profiles used are very good as they are lead-free and the profile retains its colour even after a few years.

Window Shape:

We offer a wide variety of standard shapes such as square and rectangular doors and windows along with other designer windows consisting of arches, triangular, circular windows and the combination of them all.

Window Styles:

We provide a wide variety of types of windows for our customers consisting of standard sliding, casement, top hung, and bottom hung fixed doors and windows. Along with other designer styles like Bay Windows, Corner Windows, Tilt and Turn windows, Lift and slide doors and Bi-fold Doors and Windows.


Eureka uses various types of high-quality hardware’s which can be customized according to the requirements of the customers


We offer a variety of different customizable options in glass in terms of colour options, thickness, toughness and strength. Glass can be tinted or toughened or its thickness can be increased according to your needs.

Even with all the above customizable options, we are constantly experimenting and innovating to provide our customers with furthermore options to choose from. The different options we provide helps us to expand our horizons and try different combinations to provide you with the perfect combination for customizable windows to your home.

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