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About UPVC

Energy Efficiency Qualities of UPVC

 Residential and commercial constructions in India conventionally use materials such as wood, aluminium and steel, along with simple float glass for doors and windows. However, countries all over the world have embraced UPVC as the go-to material, owing to its […]

The best frames that makes your windows best – UPVC window frames

UPVC windows frames are the best alternative that is durable and offer high performance. UPVC is resistant to many naturally occurring chemical reactions that may harm the material which is normally seen in the other materials. UPVC window frames are […]

Different windows & doors for your different needs

Choosing windows and doors that are particularly suitable is always a tough decision and almost all home owners face this problem. Home of your choice is constructed once in life time and also the windows and doors should be of […]

Featured double glazed windows

The modern German technology has let one of the simplest ways to insulate home through UPVC double glazed windows and doors. Double glazed windows and doors completely stops inside heat from escaping. With the changing preferences of the consumers and […]

Healthy windows for healthy home

Eureka UPVC windows are the future generation windows that are aesthetically designed and contributes for better health of home and as well as home owners. Bringing home the best quality UPVC windows could be a step to make yourself safe […]

Winter proof Eureka UPVC windows and doors

Indian climatic conditions have an adverse effect on daily lifestyle of people.This winter be prepared to face the hardest winter with the warmer Eureka UPVC windows & doors for your home. UPVC windows are recognized and accepted as a high […]

Low maintenance UPVC windows and doors

Windows and doors need maintenance for longer use. The young generation has great demands for windows and doors that need lower maintenance, the use of UPVC dust proof windows has grown in popularity due to low maintenance needs. Windows and […]

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